Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Awaits - kitchen and bathroom COUNTER TOPS

Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Awaits - kitchen and bathroom COUNTER TOPSYour Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Awaits - kitchen and bathroom COUNTER TOPSYour Dream Kitchen & Bathroom Awaits - kitchen and bathroom COUNTER TOPS

Add fashion and function to your home cooking experience!

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Demolition craftmanship to remove old countertops, backsplash and flooring

Experienced and Creative Kitchen Designers

Our team of inventors have the creative edge in the industry. They produce wicked, awesome work and the professionalism to match.

So fresh so clean!

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Are you looking to invest in your home?  You've come to the right place, a firm that offers highly personalized service.  We care about the unique, individual needs of each of our customers.  We strive on offering, superior service in the granite and other natural stone projects in Irving, Texas. Kitchen and bathroom counter tops, floors and back-splash to name a few of our services.

Elegance and charm

Be Confident In Your Custom Kitchen

Granite and Marble from around the world meets American Innovation! No Matter how you translate it, the 'captivating look' of Granite for your kitchen and bath room counter tops with a sensation edge profile would be captivating! The 2 cm and 3 cm is a thin line between radiant and luxurious.  As a fully licensed and insured company, we are ready to further assist you on commercial & residential projects, knowing that at the end you will have reached the Best!



Getting an estimate on your project is fast and easy! ​

  1. We provide in home free estimates.  Give us a call at 214-681-4160 to make an appointment.  Go to step 2, if you already know your square footage.
  2. If you know the total square footage of your project, call (214-681-4160) or email( us with this your project plan and square footage for an instant quote. If you do not know your total square footage and you have a drawing for new or complete renovation project, proceed to step 3.
  3. E-mail  us a drawing of your counter-tops. Also, if you already know the type of material you want to use tell us for your project, please inform us as well. This will allow us to determine the total square footage and whether you require one or two slabs. 
  4. Please e-mail or fax your dimensions/drawing to: 
  5. You will receive your 'Estimated' quote within 24 hours.
  6. Your next step is to view and pick out slabs at a local stone distributor  - examples (Arizona Tile, Louisiana Stone, IMC, Daltile, etc). Let the supplier know that your working with The Mineral Kitchen. Please contact us 'before' and 'after' visiting a Supplier so we can assure that your designated slabs are properly placed on hold.
  7. After the slabs have been selected, we will schedule a day to template, finalize details (sink type, edging, etc.) and sign agreement for your project.
  8. From the day the agreement is signed we have a 3 to 5 day lead time.  This gives us enough time to properly cut, fabricate, seal and prepare your counter-tops for installation.

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 We strive to be in constant communication with our customers until the job is done. For estimates or questions on our services, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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